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 Building partnerships centred on value and productivity through video and multimedia internal communications.

Business Intranet & App development

 The main differentiator between us and other business multimedia is we offer our clients a unique company newsroom tool built for seamless access of business media across all departments, branches and even countries.

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of all mobile video viewers share the videos they've seen with others


is the average time an internet user spends on a website with video compared to one without


of senior executives prefer to watch video instead of reading text if both are on the page


of all nternet users remember the videos they watch online

We are experts in video production and multimedia content development.

Let us handle your company’s visual communication.

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Internal Multimedia

Increase employee value and save millions in training budgets by partnering with us to produce training, policy and promotional video content. Our unique approach to internal communications provides the need for your business values and interests to be understood and nurtured from the inside out.

Native Advertising

Traditional ads familiarise people with your brand but in the advent of social media, what you really need is for your content to get shared, start conversations and go viral. Penoptic produces native ads that become the focus of social interaction.

Multimedia technologies

We develop superior multimedia content management systems (CMS) and mobile applications for seamless staff access. Improve your digital strategies with Penoptic’s unique approach to business communications systems.

Motion Graphics

We are using video to help your organisation tell real, warm, human interest stories of growth, determination, endurance and success. Through the visual stimulus of 3D & animation, corporates are no longer far-removed entities but dynamic people with extraordinary but relatable stories.