Penoptic is an innovative South African digital multimedia solutions company. Our specialties are audiovisual internal communications as well as cross-platform digital development. We provide combined interactive solutions to corporate businesses, independent organisations, publishers and marketers across an array of sectors.

Penoptic operates within a business to business (B2B) model through which we are able to offer services focused on brand growth outcomes. We are seasoned digital media professionals with dynamic media production, web and app development expertise of global standards. We follow and understand current media trends and forecasts. Penoptic’s experience in the fields of digital marketing, web development and multimedia production gives us the edge we need to strategically implement internal engagement projects that are both brand-focused and tech-centric within any business environment.

At the core of our business is a genuine love for championing new ideas, authentic audiovisual storytelling and the development of products that guarantee workplace engagement, optimum user experience and unassailable brand interactivity.

Our Mission

To provide our clients a competitive edge within their respective industries by offering brand-focused, interactive and practical digital multimedia solutions; while contributing to business growth through seamless internal engagement.

Our Values

icon_group People

icon_chat_alt Engagement

icon_mobile Technology

icon_easel Growth

icon_balance Integrity

icon_genius Authenticity

icon_film Creativity


icon_briefcase Success