Explainer Videos

We help add visual stimulus into any complex message through the use of fun characters and simplified storylines that make information easily accessible.

Branded Motion Graphics

Static media is old news. Current digital trends in visual communication demand a responsive approach to branding. Penoptic helps your business by creating motion graphics that incorporate style and meaning into intros, logos and other branding materials.

Online Sales Videos

Animation allows you to communicate your sales offerings in unique, efficient ways. We produce motion graphics that make your product stand out and your website memorable, making it easy to convert leads and drive traffic through social interaction and sharing.

Benefits of 3D & Animation


The purpose of using animated videos is to convey complex messages in descriptive visual ways in order to simplify information and importantly to help you define your workplace culture. This is one of (if not the most) effective medium of making difficult content comprehensive. Corporate companies face the challenge of getting employees on every level to form an understanding of some of the most important workplace values and processes crucial to operations. We offer you viable solutions in communication such issues as:

1. Policy and Regulations i.e. your company’s social media policy

2. Legal issues i.e.  what defines sexual harassment

3. Internal customer service

4. Presentations

Through our animated videos, those complex contractual clauses are made easy and seamless to understand. Benefits of using this medium include:

– Communicating the most essential information in fun and non-threatening ways to your employees and thus avoiding legal battles down the line

– All departments are not equal and neither are individual’s potential to understand certain things. Through animation, we help your company communicate to staff at different levels using the same simple messages

– It’s a model form of marketing new ideas internally and thus ensuring that your employees are the also your most effective marketers, which is how it should be in every company.

You may also consider, using this service for business to business (B2B) or business to client (B2C) use i.e.

– Conventions or conferences i.e. communicating what your company is about

– Internal competitions and social media campaigns.

– Sales pitches





Production & Delivery Process


Brief & Research

Remaining curious is part of Penoptic culture. We never assume we know your company so our aim is to first gain a full understanding of your overall vision and strategy – short and long term – so as to understand how the video or multimedia service you require fits it. Depending on your needs, we either meet face-to-face, virtually or via email to discuss your problem and come up with solutions. At this stage, we will also collect important aspects of the projects such as logos or any pre-existent graphics and other essential documentation that will be useful.



Concept Development

Having gained an understanding of the purpose of the project, the target market, its demographics, budget projections, methods of distribution and more importantly, the message that needs to be communicated; our team of creatives and strategists gather for the first phase of pre-production in which we brainstorm, conceptualise, do the initial storyboard, eventually agreeing on the methods of execution that will best achieve project objectives. We then set up a meeting or a series of meetings (electronic or physical) in which we further discuss your vision, offer you some guidance and discuss proposed amendments. Penoptic makes sure that you as the client, are involved throughout the process. Only once we have agreed on the way forward, do we proceed to the first of the pre-production implementation phases.



Final Pre-production Meeting

Following our last meeting and your approval of the plan, Penoptic’s project manager gathers his team and they go back to the storyboard to include amendments, reevaluate the schedule and working out all of the logistics concerned with the script, budgets, casting, production teams, locations, safety and filming permissions etc.



Official Proposal | Approval | Contract

We subsequently send you an official project proposal and budget quote in writing – amendments included – for your perusal. As the proposal contains potential contractual clauses, we always request that the client first approve the proposal before we send the contract through in case of omissions or things s/he might not approve of. Once we have received the green light from you, we send the contract that once signed, allows us to progress into the final pre-production phase.



Pre-production Concluded

 This stage is concerned with the pre-shoot, sometimes called the pre-inspection or recce. This is when the directors and crew do the final checks to ensure that everything is set up and ready for the shoot. This is also used as an opportunity to identify issues that may affect the shoot such as noise or bad lighting. Time – generally a full working day or night (where applicable) – is spent identifying potential problems, finding solutions or alternatives before production takes place.



Production/The Shoot

Everything planned and rehearsed up to this point is harmoniously put into action. Depending on our client’s needs, production may include a company representative, especially if they are part of the shoot. Production may take a day, a week or more depending on the initial plan, weather and a host of other issues. We work with reliable crews and our shoots generally tend to go as planned, giving us an advantage of delivering on time.




The often tens of hours of production footage is then taken into post production and edited, a process at Penoptic, that normally includes the video editor, an animator or motion designer, creative director and producer. Once the director is pleased with the result, the first draft is submitted to the client.




We offer 3 editing modifications to our clients. With your approval, the video is sent in full HD or any other desired format. As an added benefit to our clients – especially in case of longer video projects – we submit two separate videos, one a promo (skit) and the other, the full version. The promo to the full video is done free of charge to all Penoptic clients.


Animate your product, logo or brand ambassador.

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