Why your company needs it?


Examples of company newsrooms are generally prominent in multi-corporates on-location plasma screens such as can be seen in major banks and airports. This concept has proven to be of great benefit in:

* Helping both employees and the public engage with company messages while on location.

* Company newsrooms are an effective source of infotainment

* Because the content is broadcast internally, it becomes easier for companies to provide links and advertise external sources such as websites, social media platforms, mobile apps and competition or campaign websites etc.

Benefits for publishers

Company newsrooms are an efficient cost-cutting measure for online publishers.

With Penoptic providing all video and multimedia needs of the highest quality in short turn-around periods, publishing clients no longer need to hire extra staff or freelance multimedia producers, videographers, photographers, scriptwriters, video editors and sub-editors.

We handle all your content needs on a minimal budget and often on retainer terms.

We offer an amalgamation of infographics, videos, How-to, listicals, interactive coverage, newsroom apps, slides and other content needs on a weekly or monthly basis depending on your requirements.

Native advertising: Even in larger publishing newsrooms or networks staffed sufficiently for day-to-day content production, there is often lack of capacity to produce native ads or long-tail feature content for business clients.

As collaboration between publishers and businesses grows in the advent of online interactivity; so too does the need for extra content.

With a team of media and online content production experts, Penoptic is well-suited to fill this gap effortlessly.


Company Newsroom Content


PS: This service is also offered as a packaged deal for marketers, publishers or businesses who have no interest in broadcasting the content internally but may need it for online portals and other platforms. It can be designed according to your needs.

The Company Newsroom is an innovative concept that meets business needs for Video on Demand (VoD). In simple terms, this service is offered as an infotainment package whereby you as the client hire us to produce and broadcast content within your premises or online portals, on a regular basis. The main objective of company newsrooms is  to avail crucial information to customers and sales leads. As creatives, our contribution is ensuring that these messages are communicated in simple, fun and engaging ways.

What kind of content is broadcast on company newsrooms?

icon_profileProfile interviews with company executives

icon_like Customer testimonials

icon_piechart Explainer videos

icon_volume-high_alt Video newsletters/Announcements

icon_cart_alt Competitions

icon_calendar  Event advertising

icon_building  Promotional videos

icon_tag_alt Value campaigns & inhouse ads

We are happy to guide you on how to coordinate the video aspect of company newsroom. Contact us for a free 1-hour consultation if your interested in this service.


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