How to Earn Profits by Advertising on your Website

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Have you ever considered using your website as an advertising platform? Well, millions of website owners around the world earn a steady income by selling ad space to other, mostly unrelated companies on their websites, thanks to Google AdSense, a programme that allows any compliant website owner to earn money by advertising on their websites.


Google AdSense and Affiliate Advertising

The universal way most websites that are not online stores make their money is through Google AdSense and other affiliate programmes some of which we’ll chat about in the next offering. For now, let’s talk some AdSense:

  • Google AdSense pulls ads from different advertisers on the web on your behalf, sends you the code which you then insert in the appropriate places
  • All Google AdSense ad sizes are predefined by advertisers upon submitting the ads to Google and so is the space where they must be inserted
  • Ads are generated from their own database
  • The ads are prepaid

The Disadvantages of Google AdSense

Such is life however, that even with such programmes available at your disposal as a business owner or publisher, there’s always a side with less appeal.

  • You have to wait to have enough content to be verified as a Google AdSense partner
  • The fewer the content, the fewer the traffic which essentially means little advertising revenue therefore you have to blog a lot to make it to the top page of Google i.e. your PageRank
  • It is a strictly regulated programme with a risk of being disqualified or penalized for any little mishap or failure to follow guidelines/policies
  • You can only have 3 adverts per page
  • You have no control over who advertises on your site through AdSense

The Advantages of Google AdSense

  • As long as you’re on the programme, you may never have to worry about looking for advertisers again
  • That all ads are prepaid and run from the Google AdSense database, means you will not have to deal with credit of any sort
  • You can make thousands of Rand per day as ad rotation loops continue to rise
  • One of the most overlooked advantages of Google AdSense is its ability to grant you reputation and authenticity. Even if yours is just a blog or a small membership site; you can get ads from large reputable companies which increases your own site’s credibility
  • Most of the ads generated by AdSense are customised to the type of content you offer so targeting is essentially automatic
  • You can connect several websites to a single Google AdSense account which makes it easy to regulate
  • You don’t have to pay a cent to join the programme
  • Your Cost Per Click and Cost Per Impression statistics are readily available

Absolutely anyone can make money from advertising on their websites. To learn more about what advertisers will look for, please read our article on Web Advertising.

In order to attract advertisers to your site and sell adspace, you will need to create mock ads that will call on companies to advertise their products on your site. We offer a wide array of graphic design solutions for static print, audio, video and flash ads to help you along. Click on the Solutions tab to see prices.

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