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Alternative Molecule

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Clients: Alternative Molecule

Project: Web Development | Brand Development Fundamentals | Domain Hosting | Webmaster Services

Specifications: Membership Site, Multiple pages and categories, SEO, Webmaster Tools Verification, Google Analytics, Graphic Design, Blog, Profiles, Social Media Integration

Brand Requirements (Brief):

The brief we received from the client stated that they needed an alternative arts website that would profile as many South African unsigned or independent artists as possible. They wanted to include musical and other creative arts in the website in a categorised format. The clients also needed for the website to allow anonymous logins from any subscriber to upload these profiles themselves without admin supervision.


All requirements were met by building the website on a CMS framework so as to allow blogging abilities. We also implemented a ‘buddypress’ system through which certain members would be able to set up personal profiles as you would on ordinary social networks. This was done to allow users to share content and assist each other in uploading their own profiles or those of their favourite artists. We created a layout that would also enable users to load free events on the website. Since we were dealing with plenty of pages and categories, we used a framework that would be able to both display the content in sections throughout the homepage as well as on the sidebar. One of the main challenges of developing this site was the execution of security since it would allow he public such active engagement. To work around this we installed a number of tried and tested security and anti-spam plugins. As part of the regular webmaster service we provide to the clients, we are constantly maintaining that standard of security.

As far as the fundamental brand development of the site, we recommended that Alternative Molecule be marketed as “Africa’s only alternative arts wikipedia” which worked not only because no other such sites exist for such Hip Hop related content but because the site has remained the sole digital space where alternative art lovers can upload their own content and events for free in all of SA.





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October 30, 2013

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