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IDG Connect is the demand generation division of International Data Group (IDG), the world’s largest technology media company. Established in 2005, it utilises access to 35 million business decision makers’ details to unite technology marketers with relevant targets from any country in the world.



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Clients: IDG Connect

Projects: Content Writing | Content Marketing

Specifications: Business Technology, Thought Leadership Content, South African media technology

Brand Requirements (Brief):

As a universal media and business technology content platform, IDG Connect needed a strong partnership with content providers in South Africa who would contribute articles and interviews for their website. As the company’s regular service providers, we are also commissioned to market the content we have published on the site through social media platforms or via email.


Thus far our projects at IDG Connect have included reviews and articles on South Africa’s business technology including the state of eCommerce in South Africa, traditional and online enterprises within ‘biztech’ sectors. We also profile evolving mobile apps and innovations within industry and communities. We have written comprehensive content that engages and updates international audiences on the country’s business technology while informing potential investors of its current state thus highlighting opportunities

Disclaimer: Due to plagiarism concerns, we do not share our content portfolio on the site, please contact us for samples.


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October 30, 2013

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