Web Marketing & Maintenance – A Cheaper Solution

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Webmaster Services & Marketing: A Formula to Website Success


Does your ISP or host provider conduct your website maintenance? Do they help you advertise your services on the web? Do they help you update your website with great, comprehensive content that sets you apart from most other business on the web while providing value to your customers? Do they update your social media networks or send newsletters to your customers to keep them engaged?

Likely 99.9% of the people who read this will answer “No!” to each of those questions because that’s not what Internet Service Providers do. The best you will get from your ISP is a simple hosting package that allows your brand nothing more than the ability to exist on the web among millions of competitors.

Alas! As digital brand developers, Penoptic Press goes an extra 100 miles for over 50% less to give your brand the pulse it deserves because let’s face it… a mere existence on the web is not enough, you need a living, breathing brand with its own personality. After all, your website makes for that all-important first impression. Your website is how your services will be judged. It has been said that it takes less than 10 seconds for a web user to decide whether or not it is worth staying on your site. If your site takes over 30 seconds to load, you have lost a potential client, an advertisers, a subscriber. For that, we provide an ingenious webmaster service that will not only keep your site speed fast but also maintain it so it remains secure,  spam-free and easy to navigate and…still keep your content and advertising ahead of the competition.

Become a member and see how much you can cut cost with Penoptic Press through our brand new membership deal plan called 5PM.

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